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Las Vegas Package

2 Blackjack Tables

♣ Our blackjack tables have spots for seven

guests. They have padded leather bumpers
and casino quality felt. To ensure smooth
pace of play, our dealers deal from a six deck shoe. All tables have a discard tray and a chip slot to emulate true Vegas tables. The legs for these tables fold, therefore transportation to an upstairs location is possible.

♣ Full size Vegas style

1 Roulette Table

♣ Our roulette tables are large enough and come

with colored chips to accommodate 12 players.

These solid oak tables break down into smaller parts for easy transportation to an upstairs room. Another attractive addition to any casino event is the professional quality mahogany wheel, which is 25" in diameter.

♣ Full size Vegas style


Raffle Tickets

3 Dealers

♣ Another point of distinction for Real Deal

is our dealers. All our dealers will show up in tuxedo vests, bow ties and black dress pants. They will know the game they are dealing well enough to explain it to your guests. Prior to the start of gaming, they can offer a 10 minute tutorial on games your guests may not be familiar with.

Set-up and Clean-up

Substitute any table for a

Craps Table.................................$350

(25 to 50 guests)………………$1,058.00

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